Celebrating America's Women Physicians

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Project Resources

Additional Resources on Women, Health, Midwifery, and Medicine


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Resources on Teaching with Archival Materials and on Teaching Literature and Medicine

  • Sample student projects: Biographies of women doctors researched and written as a class and published online
    • "160 Years of Public Ambiguity: Inquiring into the Reception History of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Social and Medical Pioneer," a class-authored cultural history of the changing representations of Elizabeth Blackwell and her achievement as the first woman to earn a medical degree over the decades since she graduated: http://www.hws.edu/about/blackwell_history.aspx For more about this project as well as general guidelines for teaching using archival sources, see Berry, Sarah. "Students in the Archives: A Short Report on a Significant Learning Experience." Currents in Teaching and Learning 3 (2011): 33-41. Open access URL: http://www.worcester.edu/Currents/Archives/Volume_3_Number_2/CURRENTSV3N2BerryP33.pdf
    • "Dr. Sarah Loguen Fraser," a class-authored biography of the first African American women to earn a medical degree, with attention to the racial and gender inequalities she faced and overcame, in the Changing the Face of Medicine exhibition under "She Inspires Me": http://wwwcf.nlm.nih.gov/changingthefaceofmedicine/viewforum.cgi?topic=3
  • Hawkins, Anne Hunsaker and Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, eds. Teaching Literature and Medicine. New York: The Modern Language Association, 2000.