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Think you might be interested in becoming a part of the medical world? Explore the resources below.

Is a Medical Career for You?

  • What is a career in medicine like? Why do people choose medicine? What can I do to get some hands-on experience in a medical environment? How expensive is it? Access information to help you learn more about this fascinating field.

Undergraduate Education

  • The first step to a promising career in medicine is to get a good undergraduate education. Find helpful tips and practical information on the types of courses to take while you are an undergraduate, how to get into a medical school, the broad range of medical careers open to you, and how to finance the first phase of your education.

Medical School

  • Once you are in medical school, you will be launched on a challenging and rewarding path. Learn now about elective opportunities in the fourth year, medical specialties, combined M.D./Ph.D. programs, research and training programs, and medically focused financial aid opportunities.

Residency and Fellowships

  • Once you complete medical school, you need to enter a residency program that is three to seven years long depending on the medical specialty you choose. After that, you may elect to gain one to three years of additional medical training if you want to become highly specialized. Find out how medical students secure residencies and learn about fellowship opportunities, the requirements for certification in a specialty, and the resources and organizations available to help you along the way.

Practicing Medicine

  • Your education doesn't stop once you become a doctor. Learn how doctors keep up with the innovations in the field through continuing education, how they pursue research, training and funding opportunities, and how they develop networks among peers, mentors, and other professionals.
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The selection of Web sites provided here does not represent an endorsement by the National Library of Medicine. These resources have been assembled to serve as a springboard for students and medical professionals interested in exploring and developing diverse careers in the field of medicine. The following contributors have reviewed the career area.


  • Suzette Combs, Director, Pre-Professional Advising Center, University of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Audrey Hill, Professional School Counselor, Col. Zadok Magruder High School, Rockville, Maryland
  • Donald W. King, M.D., Deputy Director of Research and Education, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland
  • Robin Moore, Internship Coordinator, Board of Education, Montgomery County Public School, Rockville, Maryland
  • Monique Rolle, Science Teacher, Eastern Senior High School, Washington, DC